About us

Our History

BMT has Over 12 years of professional experience in the field of branding, website development, and strategic management.

Our service packages have proven to be a success for many businesses in different industries by increasing sales and revenue: healthcare, restaurants, retail, warehouses, transportation, recruiting, manufacturing, construction, service and more. We continue our success by working hard and evolving with technology by constantly training and hiring the best talents in each area in order to exceed our partner’s expectations.

We specialize in improving company image and implementing sales and marketing solutions that replace old-fashioned, unreliable, time-consuming and high-cost processes with the right systems and tools suitable for each BMT partner.  BMT first evaluates your business and eliminates any unnecessary expenses. We prepare a foundation to determine the best method to grow your business and make a proposal to execute a plan to meet the established goals. Everything we do is measurable; reporting and analysis is part of each sales & marketing strategy.

The BMT Team

Every BMT Partner receives a personalized plan to increase sales and cut expenses. The BMT System guarantees high quality, consistency, professionalism, and measurable results. BMT in-house Team Specialists include:

  • – Branding & Graphic Design
  • – Website Design & Development
  • – Website Analytics and Performance Reporting
  • – Printing
  • – Media Production Crew
  • – Digital Marketing Specialists
  • – Business & Marketing Strategist
  • – Sales & Revenue Strategist